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[virt-tools-list] IPv6 updates status and a couple of questions

I have pretty much completed what I wanted to do under 0.9.4-4 and have now begun rebasing/refitting the patches to the gtk3.2 branch. A couple of questions ...

First, is there anything I need to do except being in the git-virt-manager directory and execute:
      ./virt-manager --debug

How about icons/images used in the gui displays? The files are there ./data/icons/* but no images show up? Anything I can do to enable their use or is this a future patch?

Any tips on using python-distutils-extra? I see setup.py under virt-manager but am not sure what I should do.

How about creating an rpm? The old way of "make rpm" naturally no longer works.

Any big patches for the gtk3.2 branch coming "real soon now" that I should be aware of?

I have replace IPy with ipaddr and deleted IPy.py. Other than making the changes in the "tui" files so that it will work without IPy, I have not done anything to the tui. Is this acceptable? Comment: with a lot of networks defined, the tui interface to just list the networks takes a really long time ... the gui is very fast. As I stated earlier, if I wanted to do stuff with a tui interface only, virsh does a good job.

I now have three vertical boxes under the Virtual Networks tab: general, IPv4, and IPv6. I have not added anything except one line for "Route <network-addr> via <gateway-addr>", it is the same info except that it now includes IPv6. I will likely also add a "dns Domain:" line to the general box. However, there is a lot more info that libvirt now supports that could be displayed. My thinking is to add two new tabs (to Info and Error): IPv4 and IPv6. These two tabs will will list all of the additional stuff that could be in a network definition. Comments please?

Furture idea: Use the Virtual Networks gui to implement edition/modifying a newtwork definition. Pretty much leave the createnet wizard as is but allow the new edit mode to change/add stuff. I have no plans for doing this yet. Comments please?


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