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[virt-tools-list] Another IPV6 support update

I pretty much have everything done on working to add IPv6 support to virt-manager (just a couple of issues to handle).

This has involved extensive changes in the glade-3 ui supporting Virtual Networks as well as the create-net wizard.

I have found and fixed the problem with color under gtk3.2. I will submit a separate patch for the non-networking code.

My updates to eliminate the use of IPy.py work for gtk3.2 virt-manager. However, while the patch for RELEASE-0.9.4-1 virt-manager-tui works, there is a problem with gtk3.2 virt-manager-tui ... it is currently broken. Since the changes involved are small, I am going to make and submit them even if it is not completely tested. This will allow me to delete IPy.py (I am using ipaddr from python-ipaddr).

A question concerning glade3. Is there any way to delete a notebook-tab/page? I ended up deleting most of the elements on the tab/page and then hacking on the raw xml to actually remove it. I feel that there must be a better way but I could not find it.

Another question: is there any documentation I need to update? The gui stuff is pretty much self explanatory but it is also more than a little different.


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