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Re: [virt-tools-list] IPv6 updates status and a couple of questions

On 03/22/2013 09:43 AM, Gene Czarcinski wrote:
> I have pretty much completed what I wanted to do under 0.9.4-4 and have now
> begun rebasing/refitting the patches to the gtk3.2 branch. A couple of
> questions ...
> First, is there anything I need to do except being in the git-virt-manager
> directory and execute:
>       ./virt-manager --debug

That should be it. Is it working for you?

> How about icons/images used in the gui displays?  The files are there
> ./data/icons/* but no images show up?  Anything I can do to enable their use
> or is this a future patch?

That's temporary breakage after the merge and srcdir reorg. I'll take care of it.

> Any tips on using python-distutils-extra?  I see setup.py under virt-manager
> but am not sure what I should do.

Check out:

python setup.py --help
python setup.py --help-commands
python setup.py install --help

> How about creating an rpm?  The old way of "make rpm" naturally no longer works.

python setup.py rpm

> Any big patches for the gtk3.2 branch coming "real soon now" that I should be
> aware of?

Probably nothing that will affect networking bits. The only last chunk we
should really do is porting from gconf to gsettings which should be isolated.

However it would help if you start sending patches now, so I can apply some
while you keep working.

> I have replace IPy with ipaddr and deleted IPy.py.  Other than making the
> changes in the "tui" files so that it will work without IPy, I have not done
> anything to the tui.  Is this acceptable? Comment: with a lot of networks
> defined, the tui interface to just list the networks takes a really long time
> ... the gui is very fast. As I stated earlier, if I wanted to do stuff with a
> tui interface only, virsh does a good job.

Yeah, don't worry about the TUI. Just patching things to not crash is fine.

> I now have three vertical boxes under the Virtual Networks tab: general, IPv4,
> and IPv6.  I have not added anything except one line for "Route <network-addr>
> via <gateway-addr>", it is the same info except that it now includes IPv6.  I
> will likely also add a "dns Domain:" line to the general box.  However, there
> is a lot more info that libvirt now supports that could be displayed.  My
> thinking is to add two new tabs (to Info and Error): IPv4 and IPv6. These two
> tabs will will list all of the additional stuff that could be in a network
> definition.  Comments please?

Screenshots would be easier to understand here.

> Furture idea: Use the Virtual Networks gui to implement edition/modifying a
> newtwork definition.  Pretty much leave the createnet wizard as is but allow
> the new edit mode to change/add stuff.  I have no plans for doing this yet. 
> Comments please?

Yeah that's how we generally do things with VM hardware, so that's fine with me.


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