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[virt-tools-list] [PATCH 0/6] v1: virt-manager IPv6 support

These patches add support for IPv6 to virt-manager.

The first patch makes the basic changes to vmm-host.ui to
restructure the display for IPv6 support.

The second patch fine tunes the gui vmm-host.ui and updates
network.py and host.py to correctly parse the network definition xml
and display the results.  Early on I realized that the IPy
package did not include the functionality needed so the
decision was to add the needed functionality or use another
package.  The result was to use ipaddr from the python-ipaddr
package.  This patch includes convertion to using ipaddr.

The third patch updates the gui create net wizard (vmm-create-net.ui
and createnet.py).  Extensive changes were made in the gui and 
the dhcp page was folded into the IPv4 page and a new IPv6 page.
Once these patches are accepted, I plan to review the net-wizard
code to see if it can be better structed and improved ... right
now the object was to have something which worked.

THe best way to understand the changes is to use glade-3 to
display the two .ui files and to actually run the updated

Patches four and six simply update the rpm spec file for removing python-IPy
and adding python-ipaddr.

I have included patch five since it updates the tui python code to use ipaddr
instead of IPy.  This worked under RELEASE-0.9.4-1 but the gtk3.2 branch of the
virt-manager-tui code was broken even before applying this patch.  I understand
that some consideration is being given to deleting virt-manager-tui and
that would certainly be my vote.

This has been a basic update.  However there are additional enhancements being considered
such as adding more dhcp-range support (e.g., ra-only), dhcp-host support, and more route-via
support.  Also being consideredi having an edit mode to actually edit/change
the network definition.
Gene Czarcinski (6):
  IPv6 support: update gui vmm-host-ui
  IPv6 support: update gui python processing
  IPv6 support: add Requires: python-ipaddr to spec file
  IPv6 support: update the create network wizard
  IPv6 support: update the virt-manager-tui
  IPv6 support: updated spec file for no IPy

 ui/vmm-create-net.ui            | 1518 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------
 ui/vmm-host.ui                  |  212 +++++-
 virt-manager.spec               |    4 +-
 virtManager/createnet.py        |  639 ++++++++++++----
 virtManager/host.py             |   32 +-
 virtManager/network.py          |  151 +++-
 virtManagerTui/addnetwork.py    |   10 +-
 virtManagerTui/listnetworks.py  |   15 +-
 virtManagerTui/networkconfig.py |   45 +-
 9 files changed, 1984 insertions(+), 642 deletions(-)


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