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[virt-tools-list] Problem on Window close event

Hello all,

I have created a custom UI to manage affinity rules.

I have successfully integrated with "vm manager" window.

But I have following issues:

1. After closing the window by click on "x (close) button", If i launch it again, No widgets are rendered. A blank window opens up.

2. After closing window using "Close()" method, again if I open up the window, all previously entered details in text entry and widgets are persisted. But I need to reload all data. How to achieve it?

Below are my code snippets:

-> I have registered "Delete event of window" as shown below

"on_vmaffinitycreaterulewindow_delete_event": self.close,})

-> Close Method

def close(self, src_ignore=None, src2_ignore=None):
        logging.debug("Closing vmaffinity create new affinity rule window")
        return 1

-> Clean Up Method:

def _cleanup(self):
        self.allVMClist = None
        self.groupVMClist = None
        #clear all lists maintained.

        self.selectedAllVMRow = None
        self.selectedAllVMColumn = None
        self.selectedGroupVMRow = None
        self.selectedGroupVMColumn = None
        self.allVMList = None
        self.totalVMsInGroup = 0
        #Helper Variables
        self.sortedAllGroupsList = None

Any help in this regard is helpful to me.

Sandeep K

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