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Re: [virt-tools-list] [PATCH 4/6] IPv6 support: update the create network wizard

On 03/28/2013 05:53 PM, Cole Robinson wrote:
On 03/28/2013 01:41 PM, Gene Czarcinski wrote:
On 03/28/2013 12:55 PM, Cole Robinson wrote:
On 03/27/2013 05:37 PM, Gene Czarcinski wrote:
On 03/26/2013 06:51 PM, Cole Robinson wrote:
On 03/26/2013 07:05 AM, Gene Czarcinski wrote:
This update includes changes to both the glade-3 ui and
the releated python code (createnet.py).  There have
been some significant changes made to both files for
IPv6 support and some additional capabilities.

This update includes the fix so color will work in the
network creation wizard.

The objective was to get the functionality implemented and
some future effort may be needed to "improve" the
python code.
Signed-off-by: Gene Czarcinski <gene czarc net>
    ui/vmm-create-net.ui     | 1518
    virtManager/createnet.py |  612 +++++++++++++++----
    2 files changed, 1583 insertions(+), 547 deletions(-)

A couple bits here:

- The color of the createnet header changed: it used to be black.
What's wrong with blue? ... OK, it is back to black again.
Blue is the color of the other wizards, but the createnet wizard needs to be
really redesigned to have a more consistent look before switching the color.
I have tried to be consistent but that does not mean that I am.  If you can
point me to some good examples and/or guidelines, I will give it a shot.

Well it's not a requirement of this patch series to redesign the whole wizard
:) Eventually I'd like it to look more like the 'new vm', 'new interface', or
'clone' wizard. So shrink them down, blue header with icon, no intro screen,
try to reduce the number of screens in general, etc. While the end result will
have blue in the header it won't look like it does now, so I just wanted to
revert to the black before doing things piecemeal.
The wizard as I now have it does basic IPv6 support. However, it also needs to handle things dhcp-host or where dhcp-range is specified for "ra-only". This "network creation wizard" could (and should) also be used to edit an existing definition. But, I want to get the basic support in first.

For now, I have completed redoing all of the gui and wizard stuff
incorporating your comments.  Just before wrpaping it up and packaging the
patches for submit, I did one more test: create, start, stop, and then
delete/undefine a network ... everything worked fine until the delete ... the
network was deleted but I got an exception when net_select() tried to access
the just deleted network???  This happens with some net-definitions but not
with others??

This may just be a pre-existing bug. I know there is an issue with deleting VM
hardware that I've hit on the gtk3 branch that didn't seem to exist on master,
so it might be affecting every dialog that dynamically removes a list row. If
you can reliably reproduce with the testdriver, please document the steps and
the backtrace in todo.txt
This may or may not be a pre-existing condition but my changes to vmm-host.ui, host.py, and network.py as well as the basic changes to createnet.py to use ipaddr instead of IPy appear to exacerbate the problem. To complicate things, this may be a timing or race-condition problem. Nevertheless, I am going to do more debugging on it.

The problem as I now understand it:

Many networks defined ... IPv4 and IPv6 or IPv4 only, it makes no difference. Start virt-manager --debug and then bring up Connection Details/Virtual Networks.

Externally with virsh, undefine a network ... everything OK.
Now select another network and then back to default. Now, with virsh, undefine another network ... BANG ... an exception for the deleted network by name.

The problem is in net_selected() with:
    net = self.conn.get_net(selected[0].get_value(selected[1], 0))

net_selected() gets called because the is a signal set up "change" in "net-list"

I cannot get this to reproduce under the base gtk3.2 branch.

If I make progress today or not, I believe I will submit what I now have (v2) later today because this problem (while something that needs to be fixed) does not impact running virt-manager.


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