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[virt-tools-list] How to have different vm consoles on different X screens?

Hi all!  Great effort!


I'm not using Xinerama because it blocks the use of graphics board hardware acceleration.   But I do have three X screens ($DISPLAY :0.0, :0.1 and :0.2).  My objective is to use one for one vm, and a different one for another.   Seems reasonable, if I had xinerama enabled I'd just drag the window but then all the benefit from spice offloading the graphics to the client would be lost as the client wouldn't be able to use the graphics board the screen was being painted on.


Try though I have, I can't  run different instances of virt-manager on different screens to access the screens of different vms (second and further instances brings the first window opened up on that screen, no matter where the later instance was launched).   Also from within virt-manager (as of v 0.9.4) I can't seem to find a way to direct the opening of a new window to the screen of my choice.


Any idea of how to get two different vm consoles on two different screens running on the host?  Preferably by one virt-manager instance but if not then not.







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