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Re: [virt-tools-list] Is virsh supposed to work on Windows?

I'm trying to use virsh and virt-viewer on Windows.  I'm running the
latest binaries from http://spice-space.org/download.html, that is,
virt-viewer-x64-0.5.7.msi on a Windows 7 64-bits computer.

So far I got remote-viewer.exe to work, after some pain. But have no
sucess using virt-viewer.exe and virsh.exe. Are they supposed to work,
or am I loosing my time?
It will only work if someone interested enough submits patches.

This means it isn't supposed to work, or this means you don't know about anyone trying to use those binaries besides me? :-)

I am willing to help all I can to test, but I'm not a Gnome developer. I have not coded a single line in C for more than 10 yeas. :-(

Even then virsh can't connect:

virsh # connect qemu://kvmhost/system
error: Failed to connect to the hypervisor
error: Unable to set close-on-exec flag: Success
Here, I wonder if we can't improve the situation;
src/util/virutil.c:virSetInherit() does nothing, and its wrapper
virSetCloseExec() should therefore always return 0, which makes it very
suspicious - the message in src/rpc/virnetsocket.c about close-on-exec
not working should never be reached.

If you (or someone else) sends me testing or debuging binaries, I'll be glad to test them. I'll even setup another virtualization host if some thinks a newer CentOS, RHEL or Fedora could help. But I won't be able to code myself.

I hope someone at Red Hat gives attention to this, because most admins of a RHEL / RHEV host runs Windows desktops. My home computer runs only Fedora, but at work (most customers, anyway) I have to use Windows. :-(

What version of virsh is included in that msi?  Maybe it's just a case
of a stale build, for something that has been fixed upstream?
C:>virsh -V
Virsh command line tool of libvirt 0.10.2

But I personally have not tried to build or debug on mingw, to know if
this is the only issue, or if you are staring at a number of other
portability issues to resolve first.

Do you know who built the Windows port? I know someone is doing that, because the binaries are updates every few months. :-)

Again, I'm willing to help any way I can, but I can be only a tester, and a documentation writer. I won't be able to help as a developer. :-(

[]s, Fernando Lozano

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