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[virt-tools-list] More on virt-viewer for windows

Hi there,

As the newer windows binaries kindly provided by teuf won't work because of missing DLLs, I returned to the latest binaries provided by spice-space.org.

remove-viewer.exe works fine, after I foud where to put TLS certificates. Not that user-friendly though. :-) virt-viewer and virsh won't connect, although they are using the same certificates as a Linux client.

The short-term goal is getting virt-manager to work, butI think it'd be easier to get virsh working first, but the solution would apply to virt-manager as well.

Microsoft SystemInternals ProccessMonitor shows the certificates are being found and read (that's how I found where to put then). I assume that's ok. But after that nothing I can use for troubleshooting. Looks like a bug on the windows port networking code.

But I finally found how to use libvirt own debugging features. So here's attached a log for the windows machine, which can't connect, and the linux machine, which connects fine to the same kvm host, using the same certificates and the same URL (to the same CentOS 6.3 kvm host). They are using different virsh and libvirt releases, so I added to the logs the output of "virsh -V". Both machines are on the same level-2 network, vlan and IP subnet.

I hope this helps someone find the bug and provide me with new binaries to test. :-)

If someone helps me getting the missing DLLs for teuf newer binaries, I can generate a log using them. It looks the missing DLLs is another bug per se.

Of course, I hope someonte at Red Hat realizes a missing or broken windows ports hurts KVM and RHEL and RHEV market share and put more people on it. :-)

PS: Someone offered helping me compiling the windows port. I'll give it a try, no promises, free time is very scarse. :-(

[]s, Fernando Lozano

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