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Re: [virt-tools-list] [Spice-devel] Strange behaviour using qemu+ssh on virt-manager

On 09/18/2013 11:05 AM, Fernando Lozano wrote:
Hi there,
When I try a "qemu+ssh" remote virsh connection evething works fine.
But then I try the same URL using virt-manager, and then try to open
a guest console, virt-manager prompts multiple times for a ssh login

Is this a bug?
Each console rquires that we setup a new SSH tunnel, since every
console is on a different socket on the remote host and we don't
know them all ahead of time.
So far, that's expected, but it should require only one password prompt
for each console.

This is particularly bad with spice, which wants multiple fds for each channel
(display, audio, usb redirection, a few others). Each channel requires an ssh
connection, so if you are only using a default ssh setup it will launch
askpass many times.
That's my case, using SPICE for guest consoles.

While now I understand why all those password prompts, that's very bad
from a usability perspective. And I guess it's also bad from a network
perspective (having multiple TCP connections for the same interative
remote user session). Couln't all SPICE channels be multiplexed on the
same TCP connection, and so use the same SSH connection?
Or, can't spice use different channels (one for each tunnel) on the same connection? That way, even if keys are not setup, the password was going to be asked only once and we'll not end up with lots of SSH connections between the two hosts.

Best regards,

Leonardo Garcia

[]s, Fernando Lozano

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