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Re: [virt-tools-list] ANNOUNCE: virt-viewer 3.0 release

Hi Daniel,

Congrats. virt-viewer 3.0 release.

I have a question. Where do you merge po file from? Zatana or Transifex?
POT-Creation-Date is "2015-02-23 11:36+0000" in of each po file on git. This is Too old.

POT-Creation-Date: 2015-02-23 11:36+0000

I recognize that Zanata is currently translation space.

Best regards,

Hajime Taira <htaira redhat com>
RHEL Solution Architect
Services and Pre-Sales
Red Hat K.K.

Ebisu Neonato 8F, 4-1-18, Ebisu,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan 150-0013

----- 元のメッセージ -----
差出人: "Daniel P. Berrange" <berrange redhat com>
宛先: virt-tools-list redhat com
送信済み: 2015年12月4日, 金曜日 午前 1:35:04
件名: [virt-tools-list] ANNOUNCE: virt-viewer 3.0 release

I am happy to announce a new release of virt-viewer, version 3.0:


This release also includes semi-experimental MSI installers for the
Win32 (x86) and Win64 (x64) platforms:


All are signed with key DAF3 A6FD B26B 6291 2D0E  8E3F BE86 EBB4 1510 4FDF  (4096R)


All historical releases are available from:


Changes in this release include:

  - Last release to support GTK2 for Linux. The next
    4.0 release will be GTK3 only.
  - Don't add URI scheme / path info to oVirt URIs
  - Require spice-gtk >= 0.30
  - Enable webdav folder sharing with spice
  - Add preferences UI dialog
  - Take --direct into account when checking if guest is
  - Take SPICE proxy into account when connecting to oVirt
  - Fail gracefully when hostname is not returned by
  - Don't show empty foreign menu on secondary displays
  - Avoid accidentally trying to connect to port 0 when
    oVirt doesn't specify a port number
  - Correctly update geometry when enabling/disabling
    display heads
  - Avoid accidentally creating extra monitors when using
    configuration file monitor mapping
  - Exit normally when cancelling connect dialog
  - Don't wait for a guest that we know will never show up
  - Fix crash when using --reconnect with SPICE
  - Avoid zooming out if it would decrease window size
    below minimum required for top menu display
  - Fix crash when disabling last enabled display
  - Honour changes in display position from guest
  - Don't show error dialog twice for unknown graphics type
  - Allow to cancel oVirt auth without error
  - Set sensitivity of display menu based on whether it is
    usable or not
  - Set sensitivity of tool bar buttons based on whether they
    are usable or not
  - Set guest name reported by VNC
  - Fix crash when using gtk-vnc 0.3.8
  - Fix alt-tab behaviour in choose VM dialog
  - Don't allow missing display in monitor mapping config
  - Add --with-osid flag to configure to allow specifying
    the operating system build target. The values should
    be based on libosinfo OS short IDs.
  - Ensure windows installer places menu icon for all users
    not just admin. Requires manual uninstall of previous
    windows version
  - Require address in remote viewer connect dialog
  - Automatically retry VNC connection after auth failure
  - Drop GTK2 support for Windows builds
  - Enable keepalives on libvirt connection
  - Allow resize of window to arbitrary size
  - Fix thread safety handling event callbacks
  - Avoid deprecation warnings with newer glib
  - Pulled in multiple fixes for event loop from libvirt-glib
  - Fix misc bugs reported by coverity
  - Fix binary ID in MSI installer
  - Stop polling libvirt after reconnecting to libvirt

Thanks to everyone who contributed patches towards this release

NOTE: again this is the *last* release to support GTK-2. From here
onwards it is going to be GTK-3 only.

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