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[virt-tools-list] RFC: virt-manager: removing interface object UI

Hi all,

I'd like to remove the <interface> object UI from virt-manager. This is Edit->Connection Details->Interfaces, the bits that allow starting/stopping/deleting/creating host network interface configurations like bridges, bonds, vlans, and ethernet/wifi configs


Long story short 1) I don't think this UI makes sense to have in virt-manager, 2) no one seems to be using it.

Most of this UI was added about 8.5 years ago to virt-manager. It has mostly been unchanged since. At the time it seemed kind of compelling that we could use the UI to create a host bridge device. However this never quite 'just worked' often due to interference with NetworkManager which really only learned to handle bridges in 2014ish (even now I don't think it 'just works'). Since that time nm-connection-editor provides a much more advanced UI for configuring host network interfaces of all types.

virt-manager's UI supports a lot more than just creating bridges though, basically covering the entire <interface> schema in libvirt: so configuring ipv4 and ipv6, various bond modes, etc. However no one uses it. I'd bet good money that there's been 0 non-virt-developer users of the 'Create Interface' wizard for something other than bridge creation. The UI for starting/stopping interfaces may have had more usage but I'm fine telling people to go to the command line if they need to change host interface state. These types of things are not virt specific in any way and have little to specifically do with virt, besides bridges.

Also as a side point, I don't think any major libvirt users are actually using the libvirt interface APIs aside from maybe listing existing interfaces. I thought vdsm/rhev/ovirt had some interface usage at one point but I looked recently and don't see any...

virt-manager will still use interface APIs behind the scenes, to get lists of host interfaces for enumerating bridges for example, but that's really all I see for virt-manager going forward



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