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Re: [virt-tools-list] virt-install and cloud-init, feedback wanted

* Cole Robinson:

> One more point: my main interaction with cloud-init has historically
> been by grabbing a Fedora/RHEL cloud image, passing it to
> virt-install/virt-manager, and watching the boot hang, because there's
> no data provider and cloud-init times out talking to the network, and
> then I can't log in. I expect many people have hit this issue before.
> I've always worked around this by using 'virt-customize' to disable
> cloud-init and reset the root password. That's about the extent of my
> usage here, which is broadly why the bare `--cloud-init` is the way it was.

This is also my use case. 8-/

> I'm also thinking to the future, if one day virt-install can detect that
> it was passed a distro cloud-init image, perhaps we can invoke some
> default behavior that gives the user a better chance of this config
> being usable out of the box. I figure that will match whatever we choose
> for the bare '--cloud-init' behavior

This goes probably in a different direction of what has been implement
so far, but would it actually harm to enable the network-based
instance-data injection by default?  The advantage would be that it also
blocks these requests from leaking to untrusted parties, which could
then serve bogus data to compromise the virtual machine.


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