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OT: D'Bridge Fido Mailer (was Price change)

On Tue, 17 Apr 2001, Thomas Dodd wrote:

> > On Tue, 17 Apr 2001, Michael Jang wrote:
> >
> > > And Mr rpjday,
> > >
> > > How many people in this capitalistic world are willing to share rooms, cars,
> > > and computers?
> But people have been doing it ILLEGALLY with M$ products for some
> time (Look at the number of shared Win95/98 and Office installs)
> Why do you think it won't happen when it is LEGAL?

Completely off topic, but a question for the wise:

Does anyone remember the old days of "FidoNet" and the various BBS
front-end mailers that system operators (SysOps) ran?  D'Bridge was one
such front-end mailer.  It was a pay-for-a-unique-key type program, and
you had a file like DB003230.KEY that was unique to you.  If you shared
this key with you buddy John Doe who ran a BBS across town, you would run
into problems if your mailer ever connected with his mailer, because the
two would shut down due to the copied key.  Does this sound familiar to
anyone, and is this type of technology used in any programs (on topic:
Linux programs) these days??

I have often wondered why M$ products don't use this type of technology to
prevent me from installed one copy of Win95 on all four of my Barbie
Computers ;)

Just a thought ..

Ryan Camick                           "Don't quote me on that, I'm new"
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada             Red Hat Linux 7.0 / Kernel 2.4.3
Registered Linux User #207484                     http://counter.li.org

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