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Re: Deleting thumbnails

On Tue, Dec 31, 2002 at 02:25:41PM +0100, Sven Neumann wrote:
> I agree that it makes sense to store these user preferences in the
> .thumbnails folder and the way they are stored should be documented in
> the spec. However I don't think that applications that use the
> thumbnails (and thus may create new ones) should have to deal with
> this. IMO cleaning the thumbnails should be done by a dedicated
> thumbnail managing tool. Mitch started to write such a beast a while
> ago and I'll ask him to make it available.

I'm imagining that there will be two methods of cleaning the thumbnails: a
manual program with lots of options; and a very simple bit of code in each
program to make sure the size doesn't get out of control.

This might even mean that such programs just call the manager tool in
housekeeping mode a short while after generating any thumbnails. I don't
think we can rely on users setting up cron jobs, etc...
(most users won't know they even have a thumbnails cache, much less know
to run a command-line utility to clean it when they run out of disk

> If you demand that applications take care of cache size when dealing
> with thumbnails you put an unreasonable high burden on application
> developers that want to implement the thumbnail spec. Think about it,
> one of the best things about the spec is that it is easy to
> implement. This will change if you add the need to read a config file
> and to deal with cache sizes.

What I was proposing was simpler than the current recommendation (which
involves working out what files have come from removeable media by parsing
fstab!). Of course, no-one should be forced to implement it, any more than
they are now.


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