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Re: Compose sequence standard

John Meacham wrote:
There is a standard, rfc1345, it is supported in several apps including
editors such as 'vim'. it would be nice if some terminal programs
supported them directly though... Although perhaps an X Input Method is
the way to do this.

see http://kaizi.viagenie.qc.ca/ietf/rfc/rfc1345.txt

Interesting. However, this rfc doesn't attempt backward compatability with what most people are currently using. For example, it has 'n' + '?' → ñ. In general, the mnemonics are terribly non-intuitive, especially for people who are used to the standard latin-1 compose sequences in X, which is probably the majority of people who use compose sequences. The design priciple for this rfc seems to be, "coverage of as much of unicode as possible comes first, and usability is not important". OTOH, there are some interesting ideas for sequences, especially in the math operator section, that would be reasonable to add.


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