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Re: Menu Specification Comments

On Saturday 14 June 2003 21:51, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 13, 2003 at 09:38:52PM +0200, Heinrich Wendel wrote:
> > 1.) This specification does not create a valid xml file, xml files
> > must have a unique root element. I propose to use xdg-menu.
> It has the root element <Menu> - you aren't allowed to have two root
> elements. Not sure I understand this issue.
I said it needs a !unique! root element. Menu is not a unique element. It can 
(and does in most cases) appear multiply times in a .menu file.

> > 2.) Global vs. local scope: At the moment there seems to be a
> > mixture between global and local scope in the specification. If we
> > add the xdg-menu root element we can specify a global scope of
> > .desktop/.directory elements in this node and then, if needed, the
> > menu entries can also add a local scope to this.
> I don't understand this comment. The spec is fully recursive; nothing
> has global scope AFAIK.
Yes, I would add a global scope (which can be defined in the root element) and 
drop the recursive part. If a menu needs additionally .desktop/.directory 
elements, it can also have it's local scope.

> > 2.) And/Or/Not Nodes: Can you give me an example how they should be
> > used?
> To create menus that are an intersection or union of multiple
> categories. e.g. if you have an Internet and a Web Browser
> menu, you want to remove web browsers from your internet menu.
Can "And, Or, Not" contain instances of themselves? So is <And><Or></Or></And> 

> > 3.) Categories: Following categories should be added in my opinion:
> These will also need a gloss - "what they mean"
Most are selfexplaining, but I'll write them in my next mail.

> Havoc
mfg, Heinrich :)

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