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A program to create desktop/menu entries


Sorry if this has been debated or discussed before, but I scanned the archives back one year and saw nothing.

I'm wondering what people's thoughts are on creating an interface or a program to add menu entries to the desktop.

The basic idea would be to run something like:

add2menus --name "Xterm" --icon "xterm.xpm" --description "This is my Xterm" --program "/usr/X11R6/bin/xterm" --workdir "$HOME"

The other end of 'add2menus' would be a directory of scripts that add2menu would scan, one for each desktop environment, so that an arbitary desktop environment could register itself.

There would be some way of removing items that were added, and specifying a location in the menu heirachy.

This would make life easier for those trying to create an installer that works on many platforms (like Codeweavers :). Currently, to solve the problem, our installer needs to probe for each type of desktop environment that has existed, and fails whenever somebody creates a new type of desktop, that requires an new method of adding icons.

It would be nice to do something similar for MIME types too...

Comments, flames, etc?


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