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Re: URL support (Re: mime-type/application mapping spec, take #2)

> A solution to that problem could be to standardize KDE's .protocol files (Does 
> GNOME have something similar?) 

GNOME has some really basic .conf files which you can find in
etc/gnome-vfs-2.0/modules/ and which look like:
fonts: font-method
(fonts: being the 'protocol' name, and font-method the name of the
shared lib to use to handle this protocol)

> so that both environments could learn which 
> types of urls the other supports and extend them with some sort of Exec-field 
> for applications that don't support either KIO-slaves or gnome-vfs natively. 
> By executing the program in this Exec-field an application would then be able 
> to download/copy a file of this url-type. (And possibly have additional 
> Exec-fields for uploading and listing.)

This looks like some vfs implementation done using executable files
instead of function calls ;)
For my part, I'm not really fond of copying locally a file and then
reuploading it to handle apps not supporting a specific protocol since
things just break if the same file gets edited by several apps at the
same time, or if the user manages to edit the file but uploading then
Anyway, I don't want to think too much about that for now, that would
indeed be nice, but I prefer to concentrate on the mime-type/application
stuff atm ;)


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