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Re: XDG Desktop Menu Specification - issues

On Friday 14 March 2003 18:15, Havoc Pennington wrote:
> Anyhow, while doing the "search path" of AppDir pools from submenus up
> through their parents is somewhat tricky, breaking the clean recursive
> nature of the spec seems like it would also uglify implementation code
> a good bit, and make things less robust/comprehensible.

Fair enough.

> > The conceptual flaw in the current spec is that it leaks the
> > "menu-structure" of the legacy dir into the "name-space" of the .desktop
> > entries.
> Agreed.


> However, I agree with your conceptual flaw, and I think your solution
> is very good:

> > 3) It might be desirable to add a namespace prefix to LegacyDir (And
> > probably KDELegacyDirs) so that the entries from two seperate LegacyDir
> > trees don't collide with each other. That would give behaviour that is
> > best illustrated with an example:

I'm starting to doubt whether this will be able to solve any real problem that 
we currently face. The biggest namespacing issue that we have so far is the 
conflict between gnome and kde .desktop files such as "mouse.desktop". The 
easiest solutions would then be to use "gnome/" as prefix for the gnome 
legacy dirs and "kde/" as prefix for the kde legacy dirs. But I'm not (yet) 
sure if I like that outcome. I guess a "<vendor>/" style prefix isn't that 
bad, but what would <vendor> be for open source applications that don't 
consider themselves part of any DE in particular?

I prefer "kde/" over "kde-" since the first one is a matter of changing the 
location only while the second one changes the filename, which is somewhat 
harder to do. On the other hand, if everyone and his dog starts to create his 
own namespace, it would suck to end up with 200 sub-dirctories.

Maybe we can define "kde/" and "kde-" to be equivalent. That way a vendor 
could start installing files as "<vendor>-app.desktop" and decide at a later 
time, when he has many .desktop files to install, to move to 
"<vendor>/app.desktop" without any adverse effects for backwards 

bastian kde org -=|[ SuSE, The Linux Desktop Experts ]|=- bastian suse com

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