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Re: About Glide libs in Rh 7.1

On Wed, 8 Aug 2001, Mike A. Harris wrote:

> On Tue, 7 Aug 2001, Marco Presi wrote:
> >It is my first posy here.
> >I have some problems using Glide libs on 7.1, I have a Voodoo3 Card
> I don't know what ExtraBINGE means.

It is the last Cd of Deluxe versione of RH 7.1... It contains some games.
> >Second Question: The 3d Acceleration doesn't work (I compiled
> >the DRI a Voodoo support in the kernel...). There are some
> >other step to follow?
> It should work out of the box on Voodoo 3 in seawolf.  You may
> need to put your resolution down to do 3D because DRI requires a
> LOT of video RAM.  You must use 16bit depth on Voodoo 3 and if
> your card is 16Mb, you might have to use 800x600 to get working
> 3D.

Yes, it was simply the colour depth.

Now FlightGear works really fine... :)
Thanks a lot

Ciao Ciao


"..Quando la mente è troppo aperta il cervello può cadere per terra.."
-- Piero Angela --

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