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HELP!...X defaults to TWM only....

Hi there,

I've just installed RH7.1 on my new computer....Kinda cool, dual boot,
1.3 Athlon with GForce 2-256 MX video card....

After the install, XConfigurator would not correctly allow me to switch
resolutions, either really small (1600 X 1200) or lo-res 800 X 640? were
my only choices.....

Anyway, I went to XFree86.org and got the latest downloads...I also went

to NVIDIA and got the latest drivers for the G2-256 MX board.....

I installed them as per directed, following the directions carefully and

reading all of the documents....I edited the XFree86Config-4 file to
"Load" the stuff that needs to be loaded, and removed the stuff that
wasn't supposed to be there....

Upon restart to Xwindows, the display looked really great at the login,
but after starting, I could only get TWM.

I've tried several times/several ways to switch back to Gnome or KDE
without success.  I've gone through "switchdesk", I've edited the
xinit.rc file, all without success.

Anyone have any ideas what might be going on here?

Help would be appreciated, I don't have a lot invested in this install
yet, but I'd like to fix it rather than just trying to over-write....

Dan D

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