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Re: HELP!...X defaults to TWM only....

On Mon, 13 Aug 2001, Dan Devine wrote:

>I've just installed RH7.1 on my new computer....Kinda cool, dual boot,
>1.3 Athlon with GForce 2-256 MX video card....
>After the install, XConfigurator would not correctly allow me to switch
>resolutions, either really small (1600 X 1200) or lo-res 800 X 640? were
>my only choices.....


>Anyway, I went to XFree86.org and got the latest downloads...I also went

Latest downloads of what?  XFree86?

>to NVIDIA and got the latest drivers for the G2-256 MX board.....
>I installed them as per directed, following the directions carefully and
>reading all of the documents....I edited the XFree86Config-4 file to
>"Load" the stuff that needs to be loaded, and removed the stuff that
>wasn't supposed to be there....
>Upon restart to Xwindows, the display looked really great at the login,
>but after starting, I could only get TWM.

If you installed XFree86 binaries from XFree86.org, you have 
removed a lot of Red Hat customization to make GNOME/KDE/etc. 
integrate into X better as well as lost a lot of bug fixes not 
applied to XFree86 sources upstream yet.

>I've tried several times/several ways to switch back to Gnome or KDE
>without success.  I've gone through "switchdesk", I've edited the
>xinit.rc file, all without success.
>Anyone have any ideas what might be going on here?

If you replaced X with a non rpm X, then that is why.

>Help would be appreciated, I don't have a lot invested in this install
>yet, but I'd like to fix it rather than just trying to over-write....

Install XFree86 from rawhide along with it's dependancies.

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XFree86 maintainer              Ontario, Canada, P6C 5B3
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