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Re: Poor video display

On Mon, 17 Dec 2001, Devon wrote:

> No, I simply switched the drive and video card to an Plll-800 machine,
> and booted the i686 kernel. Tuxracer worked fine.
> Switching back to the Athlon system, booting the i686 or the Athlon
> kernel, the problem returned.

 In that case, it sounds like the 3DNow! optimizations are suspect, as
my other box was a K6-III.  Probably not the kernel that's the problem
but either the XFree86 driver or Mesa.  Most likely Mesa by the sounds
of it, but hard to tell.

 It might be worth looking for archives of the XPert or DRI-devel list
as I seem to recall mention of this behaviour (the snowy Tux) a while
ago.  Not much detail comes to mind though.

Bill Crawford, Unix Systems Developer, GTS Netcom
work: bill ops netcom net uk, home: billc netcomuk co uk
	if (! (awake & TASK_RUNNABLE))
		return -ENOCAFFEINE;

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