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Re: dri disabled

On 28 Dec 2001, Christopher Keller wrote:

> Bill,
> Thx. I'll probably do a combination of things. I'll reinstall the
> default kernel and leave it as a backup for the future. I'll also try
> and dig through my config to see what it is that I might have left out.
> Here's a slightly offtopic question, but somewhat related.
> You asked to verify the kernel package in the previous email. What if I
> didn't install the RPM? What if I just downloaded the source and did the
> make && make install combo? Is it bad form NOT to download the actual
> kernel binary RPM?

 It's not a problem at all, simply that it's probably easier to do that
if you want a version of the kernel that plays nicely with the RPM of
XFree86.  It's worked "out of the box" for me for some time now, with a
Matrox G400 (and I believe it should work with a number of other cards,
but I couldn't give you a full list).

 What I've typically done in the past is install the "stock" kernel,
and then build my own but use different names, leaving the default one
well alone.  That gives me a known "fallback" position, while I try out
bleeding-edge kernels.

 At the moment, I'm actually using a "stock" kernel, 2.4.16-0.5, from
Raw Hide which has been stable on my boxes here and at home for several
weeks IIRC.  I'm sticking with that version for now as all the newer
Raw Hide packages have shown warnings from depmod during the install.

 Once 2.5 looks like it's useable, I'll probably start playing with it
on my home system again.  But at the moment it's nice to have something
that doesn't need to be upgraded daily :o)

> Thx again....will muck with it this weekend and post the results of how
> tribes 2 looks.....

 Let us know if it's any good.

> --Chris

Bill Crawford, Unix Systems Developer, GTS Netcom
work: bill ops netcom net uk, home: billc netcomuk co uk
	if (! (awake & TASK_RUNNABLE))
		return -ENOCAFFEINE;

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