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Re: dri disabled

On 27 Dec 2001, Christopher Keller wrote:

>Okay, I should mention that I recompiled the kernel myself, I suppose
>it's possible I mucked that up.

Bingo.  ;o)

>>  Can you run "uname -a" just to confirm that it really is that kernel
>> that's being booted?
>cnkeller $ uname -r

The uname is not as important as is where the kernel came from, 
and how it was built, with what options, and with what (if any) 

>>  Can you try "rpm -V kernel-2.4.9-13" to see if anything's overwritten
>> the module (unlikely) and "rpm -V XFree86" too?
>Hmmm...I don't claim to be a graphics expert, but the following line
>makes me nervous.
>cnkeller $ rpm -V kernel-2.4.9-13 | grep radeon
>missing    /lib/modules/2.4.9-13/kernel/drivers/char/drm/radeon.o
>missing    /lib/modules/2.4.9-13/kernel/drivers/video/radeonfb.o

The above is querying the rpm database for what the official Red 
Hat kernel RPM package installed, and telling you that the 
modules for Radeon are missing.  This means that something you 
have done has erased these modules.

>I'm going to go out on a limb here, you guys just bear with
>me....somehow I managed to unconfigure some graphics stuff when I
>recompiled my kernel. 

That sounds most likely at this point.  You seem to have 
recompiled the kernel, and did not change the EXTRAVERSION 
variable, so your kernel overwrote or replaced the Red Hat 
installed kernel.  Anytime you rebuild a kernel, you should 
always change EXTRAVERSION to something unique in the toplevel 
Makefile.  Such as "-13custom" or "-13mymachine" so as not to 
conflict with the Red Hat kernels.  That way you have both 
kernels installed and can fall back to the official kernel if you 
encounter problems.

>I do have this though
>cnkeller $ locate radeon.o

4.0 DRM does _not_ work with 4.1.0 XFree86.  You will get a DRM 
version mismatch. ;o)

>I'm not sure what the difference is between drm and drm-4.0, but it's
>pretty obivous that it was there in a previous kernel.

The short story, is - if you're recompiling your kernel, to make 
absolutely sure that you are choosing the proper config options 
or old hell will break loose.  ;o)

>Long story short, me thinks that I need to re-check my .config file for
>the kernel.....????

Yes.  ;o)

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