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Re: When is XFree86 v4.2 going to be available as a stabll package?

On Sat, 2 Mar 2002, Guy Fraser wrote:

>I tried to build the stuff from the rawhide area and found so many 
>dependancies would
>conflict with the packages form Enigma (7.2).

The stuff in rawhide currently is old, and crap.  ANyone 
rebuilding X from rpm generally can not just --rebuild it.  I 
need to make certain changes from release to release in order to 
evolve the X packaging, features, and make X not suck as much.  
However, at the same time I need to keep backward compatibility 
to an extent.  As such, I conditionalize many parts of the spec 
file with %define directives.

In order to build X for older releases, and have it _sane_, one 
generally needs to edit the spec file, read the comments in it, 
and the changelog, etc. and reconfigure it prior to rebuilding.  
This process changes and evolves over time to meet the demands of 
keeping X sane.  It is not however necessarily a simple process, 
but it is not overly difficult either.

>I then boldly attempted to start from the xc tapes...
>eeaaahh-ouch. Not knowing that the servers were not built I
>installed and KaPOW! No more working X windows.


>My want for 4.2 stems from my purchase of an ATI All-In-Wonder Radeon 
>8500DV AGP.

Supported 2D only.  Most of the All in Wonder features are not 
currently supported.

>Yah I know..., but the card was just what I was looking for.

I know.. I want one.  ;o)   Unfortunately, to take full advantage 
of the card, one needs to use a lesser operating system.  The 
GATOS drivers however do support watching TV among other 
features, and I think they got the remote control working now 

>Here is the reason I am using this list and not the XFree86 list :
>After installing the card then booting up, kudzo naturally
>detected that my old card was no longer installed, so I agreed
>to remove it's configuration but the new card was not detected.
>OK, the card is too new, and is not listed in

Need new Xconfigurator && kudzu && hwdata

>When I had the broken X from the xc sources installed the card
>was detected with the radion B200 chipset [1002 4243] in


>Does anyone have any pointers for me?
>Can I just edit the pcitable so that the card is detected properly?

It's already updated, and supported.  We just have not made an 
officially endorsed release of it yet.  We never rush releases 
just to be the first out there.  XFree86 4.2.0 works well for 
many people so far, however it is nowhere near considered a 
quality tested release just yet.  I will not be releasing 
official packages until it is highly tested, and sane.

>Apparently Mandrake already has Support for 4.2 and claim
>support for my new card. I don't care for mandrake but would
>like to see XFree86 updated to v4.2.

Perhaps mandrake doesn't have such stringent requirements of 
quality as we do.  ;o)

>Does kudzo need to be updated as well?

Yes.  My recommendation is to grab my prebuilt XFree86-4.2.0-6.44 
release from:


You'll need to rpm -Uvh *.rpm after downloading.  You'll also 
need several other things such as freetype 2.0.8, glut, 
Xconfigurator, kudzu, hwdata, and possibly other deps as well.

Let me know what dependancy warnings pop up, and I will put the 
sanest packages in my ftp space to meet them (rawhide is horribly 
broke so dont go there).

RIght now, many people are using my 4.2.0 packages, and some 
would have you believe that they are release-ready.  However...

Quality goes in, before the name goes on.  ;o)

If you've any questions, just holler.

Mike A. Harris                  Shipping/mailing address:
OS Systems Engineer             190 Pittsburgh Ave., Sault Ste. Marie,
XFree86 maintainer              Ontario, Canada, P6C 5B3
Red Hat Inc.                    Phone: (705)949-2136
http://www.redhat.com           ftp://people.redhat.com/mharris
Red Hat XFree86 mailing list:   xfree86-list redhat com
General open IRC discussion:    #xfree86 on irc.openprojects.net

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