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Re: libGL optimizations integrated into rawhide XFree86-4.3.0-17

On Mon, 2003-07-14 at 22:27, Mike A. Harris wrote:>
> >No error messages at all are displayed anywhere. Either by X or by
> >Wolfenstein ET. Nothing in any of the log files. The screen just goes
> >blank for a second and then I get dumped back to my GNOME desktop. I was
> >using 4.3.0-14 without problems. 4.3.0-17 works fine compiled without
> >the libGL patch.
> Uck.  ;o/

Yep, I know now clues at all as to what might be the problem. :-/

> >I compiled the SRPM on my, for the most part, stock RH 9 system. GCC,
> >glibc is stock RH 9. I'm still using a "built by ATI" Radeon 7500.
> With the libGL patch disabled, you should be able to build the 
> RPM with stock RHL 9 with no problems.  

The 4.3.0-17 SRPM builds fine with or without the the libGL patch on my
RH 9 system.

> If your system is completely stock Red Hat Linux 9, try updating 
> it to current Red Hat Linux 9 updates, and reinstalling 4.3.0-17 
> with the libGL patch installed.  

I have all errata applied always. ;-)

> I have a feeling that if there 
> isn't a bug in the patch causing this, it is most likely caused 
> due to a missing dependancy that we're not aware of yet, but if 
> this is the case, 

Hmm, unless the patch requires a newer glibc, GCC or something else in
order to work correctly that I don't have installed, I think it might be
a bug. Might not necessarily be in the libGL patch. Maybe the patch
triggers an existing bug in X. But 4.3.0-17 does work fine without the
libGL patch.

	Jim H

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