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Re: XF86 config Problem - Redhat 9

On 11 Jun 2003, Jason L Tibbitts III wrote:

>MAH> All modern hardware detects video ram properly.  Those using
>MAH> ancient 10 year old cards that have broken detection can hand
>MAH> edit the config file to work around the hardware or driver bugs
>MAH> IMHO[...]
>I wasn't aware that a TNT2 was a ten year old card.  I still have,
>what, 50 of these in production, and no version of Red Hat can
>properly detect the 16MB of RAM the cards have.  If left to
>autodetection, X will crash the machine hard.  (Even the installer
>crashes unless I provide the --videoram option to xconfig in my
>kickstart file.)

The --videoram option should be kept IMHO, but the GUI can do 
without it.  Cluttering up the GUI with options useless to 99.9% 
of all hardware out there isn't a good idea, especially when 
users see "oooo, videoram option, I better set that to 64Mb as my 
card has 64Mb of RAM on it" and then users end up CREATING 
problems which then end up bug reports in our bugzilla or tech 
support calls.

TNT2 is ancient hardware.  If the videoram isn't detected 
properly, then perhaps Nvidia can provide the information which 
can be used to fix it.  I've got old old riva docs somewhere, but 
dunno if it is TNT or TNT2.  I can talk to Nvidia to try and find 
out info though if need be.

If we cater to every broken card out there via the GUI, then our 
GUI is a complex tool which confuses the majority of users out 
there, with per card options like video ram timing/size, fifo 
controls, and tonnes of other stuff.  I consider all of these 
special hack options to be "Windows registry / regedit" types of 
things, and the equivalent of edit the registry in Linux, WRT to 
XFree86, is "man <driver> ; emacs /etc/X11/XF86Config".  The only 
way that I'd consider them viable in the GUI, is if a special 
option had to be invoked from the commandline such as "--expert", 
and even then it is possibly still a tech support hassle.

Mike A. Harris

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