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Ati Radeon Driver/XFree Update? (if any)


I have a Dell GX260 with an Ati Radeon 7000 VE (dual-head card).

RH 9 installed running the packaged Xserver 4.3.0-2. Standard 2D
graphics/menus appear fine, however, every so often the system will
"appear" to lock-up when I lock my desktop - this occurs in KDE and
Xscreenasver in Gnome. The system is not actually frozen, I can ssh-in
and kill the desktop_lock program and get my desktop back. The problem
seems to occur when using the OpenGL screensavers in either GUI

The ATI website indicates that they provide drivers for only the Radeon
8000 and higher. I've also read several mailing-list posts that indicate
upgrading to XFree86 4.3.0-5 (from Rawhide) would fix the problem. By
the time I read that, 4.3.0-15 was in Rawhide, upgraded but to no avail
- it still didn't work..

Also, (yes theres more) there is a problem when using Xinerama, when I
move the cursor to the second monitor, it goes blank and does not come
back on. I've disabled Xcursor themes to stop this from happening, but
was wondering if an actual fix had been posted.

any help is greatly appreciated!

-Mike Nichols

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