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Re: Another question on Fedora GL

On Fri, 14 Nov 2003, Alex Deucher wrote:

>This was an issue with 4.3.0 as I recall.  It was fixed in DRI cvs, I'm
>not sure if the fix has made it's way to fedora.

I don't recall hearing about this issue before, so it probably
isn't fixed in our packages unless it is fixed in XFree86's 4.3.0
stable branch xf-4_3-branch, as I track the branch.

If someone out there is interested in seeing this fixed in a
future Fedora Core XFree86 update digs the needed patches out and
files a bug report in Red Hat bugzilla with patch attached, or
sends them to XFree86.org to be included in xf-4_3-branch, I'd be 
glad to include them in an update though.

Take care,

>--- "Sergey V. Oudaltsov" <sergey oudaltsov clients ie> wrote:
>> Well, now all my GL libs look fine. But when I try to run
>> Counter-Strike
>> in OpenGL mode, I get this:
>> err:opengl:wglGetProcAddress Warning : dynamic GL extension loading
>> not
>> supported by native GL library.
>> On the web, I found this comment:
>> This means that the glXGetProcAddressARB function seems not to be
>> supported by your OpenGL library.
>> But AFAIK Mesa libGL has this function. Any ideas why would it 
>> be lost in the battle by wine?
>> Sorry if it not the right list to ask questions of that kind. 
>> In such case, private answers would be appreciated as well.

Mike A. Harris

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