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RE: XFree86 4.3.0 rawhide information and rebuilding for other distroreleases

On Wed, 24 Sep 2003, Andre Verheij wrote:

>Just a question from a careful guy. Are those rawhide rpm's
>pretty safe to install? I have RH9 working with dual DELL 1702
>TFT screen on a Radeon 7000 VE. Will this still be working?

First I need to give a disclaimer..  ;o)

<standard disclaimer>
rawhide is by definition "raw", in otherwords very experimental.  
Some packages might be rock solid stable, and others might quite 
literally fry your hard disk data completely, while others may 
vary in quality between those two extremes.  They might change 
every day in quality also, where one package is rock solid today, 
and fries your hard disk tomorrow, only to be rock solid again 
the next day.

As such, no guarantees can be given about rawhide packages.  The
intent is that we have no idea how high quality they are, and
people should know that absolutely zero "official" QA testing has
happened with any rawhide packages.  Use completely at own risk.
</standard disclaimer>

That said...  I know of no problems with DFP's on Radeon 
hardware.  I don't have any flat panel displays either however so 
I can't say wether it will work from personal experience though.  

Your best bet is to scan bugzilla for open bug reports related to 
the radeon and see if any would possibly affect you.  I don't 
recall any generic DFP problems however on Radeon.

If you do decide to try it, feel free to mention any problems you
have here, and if we determine they're bug worthy, you can file a
bug report if you like.

>And I also want to thank you guys at RedHat for the great work
>you are doing. RH rules I reckon!

Thanks.  ;o)

Mike A. Harris

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