10 considerations before mobilizing your enterprise apps

With the mobile devices becoming ubiquitous in the workplace, enterprises are scrambling to make work-related applications mobile-ready, to not only make their employees/partners/contractors more productive, but also to give them the flexibility to do their jobs from anywhere, at any time.

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Tear Down Data Silos with Mobile Microservices

A huge problem facing modern enterprises is managing the large software systems and applications they deal with on a daily basis.
Be it the CRM system purchased by a predecessor, a bundled HRM product thrown in to sweeten a deal, or the CMS that marketing could not live without, silos of information exist in the modern enterprise, and it can often be difficult to utilize the data that these systems contain. When an enterprise decides to buy a proprietary system, often little consideration is given to future interoperability of that product. Many of these decisions were made before the mobile era of computing began, and these products share many common characteristics which are ill-suited to the changing face of computing.

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