Welcome to the Red Hat Mobile Blog.

Mobile offers organizations new opportunities to transform business processes, drive operational efficiencies, and engage with customers and employees in new and innovative ways. However, enterprise mobility also brings with it some new challenges in undertaking fundamental shifts that impact not just technology, but also people, methodologies, culture, architecture, and more. In this dynamic market, change is constant and fast-paced. This blog aims to bring you our latest insights into all things mobility, sharing our experience with global mobile projects and bringing you the latest in mobile thought leadership.

Red Hat Mobile offers the combined power of the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform (formerly known as FeedHenry and acquired by Red Hat in October 2014) with the company’s commitment to open technologies and broad portfolio of enterprise solutions.  With the aim of accelerating time-to-market of mobile projects and bringing greater agility to the complete mobile app development lifecycle, Red Hat Mobile helps organizations introduce and/or increase agility for application development while also maintaining stability of core IT security, integration and policy management. Also referred to as two-track or bimodal IT, this approach is at the heart of our mobility solutions and vision.

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