Home Energy gets smarter as Mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) intersect

A recent case study from an innovative energy company based in Ireland reveals one of the many aspects of how we can use mobile and connected devices to better manage something as mundane but essential as improving the management of hot water consumption and heating.  

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Digital transformation: why ‘business as usual’ is no longer good enough

Just as the industrial revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries changed our way of life with machines, digital transformation is set to disrupt today’s organizations beyond recognition. Previously successful models will be rendered obsolete; indeed, businesses that have grown up with rigid, structured legacy technologies built around predictable, repeatable steps may find themselves under threat from “digital Darwinism”.

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Five Considerations for a Platform Approach to App Development

While building consumer facing apps, one needs to have a very rigorous and comprehensive app development process. Some of the key aspects to focus are:  right functionality or minimum viable product (MVP), rigorous testing, razor sharp focus on UI/UX and its usability testing, performance/load testing to handle high traffic volumes. Over and above, one needs to ensure that the branding of the app is consistent with the corporate branding.

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Red Hat Engages Partners in EMEA with Mobile Masterclass Featuring the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform



Last week, Red Hat hosted a 3-day Mobile Masterclass in Frankfurt, Germany for more than 75 people representing 33 EMEA partners. Partners included global and regional System Integrators, Red Hat Middleware partners moving towards mobile as well as Mobile Specialists and ISVs. Partners represented 17 countries across EMEA.

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Mobile Apps versus Mobile Projects

In my interactions with customers trying to mobilize their enterprise applications and their workforce, especially the ones starting on this journey, one of the common thread that I come across is focus on client apps. Of course , UI/UX is a critical part of the project but its just a tip of the iceberg. There is a lot more that is happening behind the scenes. As with any other application development project, there are so many other parts of the projects like the business layer, common services layer, data access layer or what is commonly referred to as MBaaS(mobile-backend-as-a-service) in the mobility jargon, source-code version control, build process, security, scalability etc.

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10 considerations before mobilizing your enterprise apps

With the mobile devices becoming ubiquitous in the workplace, enterprises are scrambling to make work-related applications mobile-ready, to not only make their employees/partners/contractors more productive, but also to give them the flexibility to do their jobs from anywhere, at any time.

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Mobile Workshops coming to a US city near you!

As businesses grapple with the transition from “I need an app for that” to a “mobile is how I do business” or a mobile-first mindset, they are faced with the complexity of developing and managing multiple apps across the whole organization, across multiple device platforms, and connecting to multiple data points and backend business systems. This multiplicity begs a Mobile Application Platform approach where development, deployment and monitoring of mobile apps, whether B2C or B2B, can be managed in a secure, agile and collaborative way across the organization.

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