Creating a Mobile App That Makes Sense

In an ever-changing tech world, mobile solutions are becoming more prevalent throughout all industries. Everyday processes are required to be faster, smoother, and overall more efficient. Companies who don’t have a mobile solution are becoming more and more subject to fall behind in their industry. However, with all the hype around mobility, many companies are going about it the wrong way. They are making crucial mistakes in properly identifying and aligning their needs with the right type of mobile application. Finding the right mobile solution can be confusing, so what do you need to be looking at to get started on your path to mobility?

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Red Hat Innovation Lab takes off in Ireland with a mobile focus

The EMEA Open Innovation Lab will be running the first EMEA Lab in the Red Hat Waterford office from January 30th to February 3rd with a focus on driving innovation through mobile.
The Red Hat Consulting team and other Red Hat staff from the Irish operation are pleased to be welcoming EasiER AG to the Lab as their innovation customer. A startup, based in Zurich, Switzerland, EasiER AG has launched an innovative product in the medical space aimed at increasing the efficiency of Emergency Room operations (hence the Easi – E-R), though the application of technology. They now are embarking on creating a mobile solution that leverages the power of mobile and ER systems to optimize the triage process as patients access emergency room services. As any of us know, waiting periods in emergency rooms can lead to detrimental patient outcomes, resource constraints on beds, equipment and staff, not to mention poor hospital reputation and public perception.
The Innovation Lab engagement will run for 4 weeks, the first week taking place in Waterford and the remaining 3 weeks being run remotely. The Lab team will consist of members flying in from Sweden, France, UK and the US and will be made up of developers as well as business and IT.  Developers will be doing peer development with the Labs team during the engagement, working on the design and concepts behind building mobile apps on the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform.
The charter of Open Innovation Labs is to help customers overcome challenges and accelerate app development through the latest advancements in software delivery. This lab will provide hands-on skills, mentoring, and tools to help the customer get up and running with their first mobile app.
For more information contact
Micheal Browne

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Red Hat Engages Partners in EMEA with Mobile Masterclass Featuring the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform



Last week, Red Hat hosted a 3-day Mobile Masterclass in Frankfurt, Germany for more than 75 people representing 33 EMEA partners. Partners included global and regional System Integrators, Red Hat Middleware partners moving towards mobile as well as Mobile Specialists and ISVs. Partners represented 17 countries across EMEA.

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Release of RHMAP 3.6 including UnifiedPush Server integration

Version 3.6 of the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform has been released to all of our actively-updated production clusters and to the Community Edition. The main focus of this release was the integration of the Aerogear UnifiedPush Server into the platform. This means you now have iOS, Android and Windows Phone Push Notification capabilities inside RHMAP.

We also:

  • Added Windows 10 support, including Hybrid Apps, Native Apps and Forms Builder Apps
  • Added Forms Builder support to
  • Closed over 350 JIRA tickets including Forms bug-fixes and Community Edition bug-fixes
  • Removed our old Cloud Plugins lists


Several months ago, we introduced you to the UnifiedPush Server on RHMAP, leveraging our MBaaS Services along with an OpenShift instance of UPS. We’re really pleased to now have UPS as a fully integrated component of RHMAP. This integration includes a full admin console inside the platform and updated SDKs for Native iOS, Native Android, Native Windows Phone and Cordova.

This diagram shows how it all connects together in the platform:


UPS enables you to send native push messages to different mobile operating systems. We currently support:

If you want to get going now, you should first read our Introduction to Push and then dig into our End-to-End Tutorial. Expert users can also study the updated Push APIs.

One of our UPS developers,  Matthias Wessendorf, has created an excellent walkthrough of the integrated functionality, using iOS as the example.

Note that we have kept the original Services-based template for Push in the Platform and now refer to it as the Community version. This is for users who wish to make use of the upstream AeroGear Push Open Source project which may have features that have not yet been productized. However please note that this is a Community-supported solution only.

Windows 10

The platform APIs, SDKs and Template Apps now support Windows 10 in addition to Windows 8.1. You can use Visual Studio to locally build both Native and Cordova Apps for Windows 10 that work with the Mobile Application platform through our SDKs.

You can read all about our Windows support here.

We have also added Forms App support for Windows 1o so you can build Universal Windows 10 Apps with Forms functionality. You can learn how to use this functionality in our tutorial.

Note that our Build Farm currently does not support Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 for Microsoft licensing reasons.

Platform Version Number and Grid Name

It’s a small thing but oft-requested. If you look in the bottom right hand corner of the Studio, you will now see both the current RHMAP version and the Grid (instance) of RHMAP you are using. If you ever have to open a support ticket, please quote both.

Community Edition using OpenShift

We have added Forms Builder support to OpenShift. Note this requires some extra setup compared to non-OpenShift grids. You can findthe instructions for that here. Community Edition users have already been notified of this release.

We have also added information about how to get Community Support on including an updated email template for new users. For reference, that Community Support is:

There were also bug fixes on the Community Edition around Data Browser and Logging.

Cloud Plugins Removal

In the past, back when NPM had only 50,000 modules we had a list of recommended commonly used Node modules in the platform which we called “Cloud Plugins”. As NPM has continued to grow and improve, this list has become redundant and some found it confusing. For these reasons, we have removed this section from the Studio.

10 considerations before mobilizing your enterprise apps

With the mobile devices becoming ubiquitous in the workplace, enterprises are scrambling to make work-related applications mobile-ready, to not only make their employees/partners/contractors more productive, but also to give them the flexibility to do their jobs from anywhere, at any time.

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