Developer Awards – The Best Kind

Anyone who has dipped their toe in the enterprise mobility space realizes how quickly the technologies, approaches, frameworks and goals change. One day it’s choosing an MDM to lock down devices while the next could be focusing on the battle between hybrid, mobile and responsive development. Add to the mix an alphabet soup of acronyms (MAM, MEAP, MADP, MAP, MBaaS, RMAD) and what should be an exercise in creating secure, easy to use apps can quickly become an adventure in banging one’s head against a cubicle wall.

The one point of success that shines through in any of these efforts is clear though – developers are clever and quickly find tools to aid in solving the task at hand. Whether it’s being given a blank canvas or a highly structured set of rules to work within, developers will find a way (and occasionally a few loopholes) to succeed more often than not. In other words, if a developer picks a technology to work with, there’s probably a good reason for it.

With this in mind, it was with great pride that the Red Hat Mobile team was invited to attend and accept an award at the 2017 Developer Week Devie Awards for our Mobile Application Platform (RHMAP). While many such award ceremonies are driven by marketing and analysts, this was a bit different as two of the main criteria were being well regarded by the developer community and being recognized as leaders in innovation. Put another way, when asked about RHMAP, developers find it impressive enough to consider it award worthy – not an easy task!

So to all the developers out there who regard us so highly – thank you! And for those looking to learn more about our entire offering, or even just play around a bit with Node.js microservices, build farms, MBaaS, push notification management or any of other product features, please check out our mobile blog, follow us on Twitter or reach out to our team at


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