Let’s go mobile at the Red Hat Summit

Excited about attending the Red Hat Summit, I take a quick look at the sessions on the Mobility & IoT Track.  These sessions cover the spectrum by introducing the attendees to innovative solutions as well as sharing experience based insight on how the mobile platform has been integrated with enterprise backend systems.  Multiple sessions on the Internet of Things in the same track complement the mobile perspective.  At the end of the day, it is all about the enterprise mindset — “Mobile can help change the entire mindset of software development across an organization” reads the abstract for the MAD for mobile: Achieving mobile zen through agile, DevOps, and microservices.  Join me on a tour of these sessions on the Mobility & IoT track.  While evolving my own mindset during this tour, I look forward to your thoughts as well.  Let’s go mobile at the Red Hat Summit !!

To start with, the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform: Introduction to version 4 provides a good overview of product features, high-level architecture, and the benefits these bring to your enterprise’s mobile strategy.

The hardest challenge of mobile development in an enterprise is developing a consistent integration pattern.  By extending legacy systems into mobile apps, the 3M company reduced their costs by eliminating the need to retrain their content creators and administrators on new systems. 3M product information systems continued to remain centralized.  And thus was born a reusable framework that they plan to repeat for all mobile integrations.

In their session at the Red Hat Summit, Electronic Arts (EA) — an organization whose name is synonymous with gaming — shares how they have quickly identified a need to improve integration between mobile apps and their legacy systems with modern approaches to development on cutting-edge technology stacks.

Agility Supercharged ! claims the abstract on Going mobile with Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite and Red Hat JBoss BRMS. This session shows how a native mobile application was created out of a fully dynamic web application driven by rules.  Rapid, well-timed delivery of mobile apps is an art in itself.

Accenture estimates the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) could add $14.2 trillion to the global economy and lift real GDP by 1.5% (adjusted for inflation) for 20 major economies by 2030. In the Exploring best practices and customer successes in the industrial Internet of Things session, Accenture and Red Hat will co-present IoT best practices, customer use cases, and insights for these industries, including transportation and energy.

With the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the resulting big data that goes with it, we need a technology that pulls it all together to inform predictive analytics and help us make sense of the information. This session on IoT and big data with Red Hat JBoss Middleware and SAP HANA explores this topic along with a live demo that includes sensor outputs from customers in a retail store.

The intelligent gateway for Internet of Things (IoT) symbolizes the art of simplifying the world of IoT.  It is based on the principle of pushing as much computing to the edge as possible, removing the need to ship massive data to the cloud, or datacenter for real-time processing as required by industrial applications. Instead, essential data transformation, integration, and routing occur at the gateway, triggering business rules that automate machine operations. In theSimplify Internet of Things with an intelligent gateway session, Red Hat and Eurotech will present a reference architecture for IoT systems and do a deep-dive on the gateway and the open source software it’s built on.

The real test of any technology is its ability to make a difference in real life impacting our lifestyle.  Learn how and why Valencia citizens will be able to consume real-time information shared by several city facilities like parking, and others, to make their lives easier thanks to the Smart City project powered by Telefonica Global IoT platform and Red Hat IoT solutions.

Enterprise mobile apps are all about empowering employees, especially workers in the field that are mobile by nature that leads to better customer service and improved field safety. The Empowering and mobilizing your workforce for greater efficiency session, shares the vision for the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform perspective to continue building these types of enterprise mobile apps.

There you have it.  A walkthrough of all the sessions on the Mobility & IoT track at the Red Hat summit.  Each session adds its own unique perspective to the manner in which competitive enterprises of tomorrow can go mobile today in the evolving world of IoT.
What say you?  What are some of the experiences you have had with Mobility and IoT in your enterprise?  Are there other factors that would influence the mindset of the enterprise going mobile?  Please let me know.

Check out the full schedule of Mobile Sessions at Red Hat Summit and DevNation here.

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