Mobile Workshops coming to a US city near you!

As businesses grapple with the transition from “I need an app for that” to a “mobile is how I do business” or a mobile-first mindset, they are faced with the complexity of developing and managing multiple apps across the whole organization, across multiple device platforms, and connecting to multiple data points and backend business systems. This multiplicity begs a Mobile Application Platform approach where development, deployment and monitoring of mobile apps, whether B2C or B2B, can be managed in a secure, agile and collaborative way across the organization.

How do you as an enterprise architect or enterprise mobile developer get up and running with a Mobile Application Platform/Mobile Backend-as-a-Service(MBaaS and learn how it could help you develop, integrate and deploy the mobile apps for your organization?

Coming soon to a city near you (in the US but in other regions later this year) is a one-day Red Hat Mobile Workshop.

Atlanta – July 16

San Jose –  July 21

Los Angeles – July 23

New York – July 28

Boston – July 30 

Minneapolis – Sept (date TBD)

Montreal – Oct 8

Chicago – Nov 5


In this one-day workshop designed specifically for architects, application development team leads, and those responsible for enterprise mobility strategy, learn how to build both a strategic and tactical framework for mobile application development leveraging a platform-based approach. Presented by Red Hat Mobile, hands-on workshop elements include building Node.js powered mobile applications, creating mobile backends-as-a-service (MBaaS), and rapid application prototyping with no code applications.

Don’t miss your opportunity to join one of these engaging workshops and learn more about the latest mobile application platform technologies in a hands-on environment.

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