Simple Apps can be Winning Apps: Going Codeless

From complex to simple, from mega to micro, today we cannot imagine life without mobile apps. While there are examples of great success among consumer apps (dare I mention the much-referenced Angry Birds), for businesses trying to get more complex apps off the ground and tackle their app backlog, this can be far from reality.

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5 Quick Thoughts for your Enterprise Mobile App Development

Mobile enterprise solutions are a growing trend for organizations looking to improve engagement with customers, partners and employees and maximize return from existing resources and systems. No surprise then that 451 Research’s recent research[1] reveals that more than half of companies surveyed plan to increase their mobile budgets in 2015.

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2014: Fit for Mobile

With the year winding down, it’s interesting to look back at what I was doing to begin 2014. Digging into my calendar revealed that at the beginning of this year, I spent much of my time practicing persuasion.

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