Upcoming deployment of version 3.8 of the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform

The deployment of v3.8 of the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform will occur for all actively updated Grids in the week beginning Feb 29th.

There may be a period of several minutes during the deployment where your Studio is intermittently unavailable but this should not affect running applications or end-users of apps.

There will be notification of same to all users in each Studio shortly.

This release includes:

  • Full iOS 9 support in the Build Farm. All iOS apps will be be built using Xcode 7.2 and will target iOS 9.2.1 by default, including Forms Apps and Cordova Light Apps
  • All Studio iOS template apps moved to Cocoapods
  • Updated Cordova iOS to v3.9.x which will be the default for Full Cordova Apps
  • Both iOS and Android now use Cordova CLI 5.2.0 which gives you access to all the latest Cordova platforms and plugins
  • Integration with the Apperian MAM
  • Updated Sync example code/snippets in Docs for iOS, Windows, Android

Further details on features will follow here at deployment time.

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