Scaling virtual machine network performance for network intensive workloads.

Virtual network environments offer a number of benefits, and we’re already seeing providers and enterprises moving their entire infrastructures to virtual systems. But there are still shortcomings. For one, virtual machine (VM) network performance needs to scale so it can support higher-demanding workloads like those with network functions virtualization (NFV).  Now, there’s a mandatory multi-queues feature in Open vSwitch (OVS) to scale the VM network performance.

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Trusted cloud solutions, with open source at the core, at Verizon and other companies.

Stories of trusted cloud solutions are many. Chris Wright, VP and chief technologist for the Office of Technology at Red Hat, spoke on the topic at the recent OpenStack Summit. His presentation centered around success stories, including insight on Verizon’s recent rollout of OpenStack cloud solutions. Verizon’s Chris Emmons, director of network infrastructure planning, joined him on stage to share details on the rollout successes and challenges.

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SDN Fundamentals for NFV, OpenStack, and Containers

At this year’s Red Hat Summit 2016, held June 27-30 in San Francisco, attendees were privy to a detailed presentation about open-source networking technologies—how they work, how they’re integral to each other, how they perform, and how they create the foundation for software-defined network (SDN) implementations designed for deploying containers, OpenStack, and network functions virtualization (NFV). Presenters Nir Yechiel, senior technical product manager – OpenStack, and Rashid Khan, senior development manager – Platform Networking, both with Red Hat, covered everything from overviews of the various open-source technologies to Red Hat’s approach to SDN and NFV and more.

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Tune In: Best practices when deploying vCPE with NFV

Join Azhar Sayeed, Red Hat chief architect, for a webinar discussion of the most popular use cases for network functions virtualization (NFV): vEPC, a mobile-core network system that accommodates LTE access systems, and virtual customer premise equipment (vCPE), which is a way to deliver network services such as routing, firewall security and virtual private network connectivity to enterprises by using software rather than dedicated hardware devices.

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