Hi there, telco! What time is it?

“What time is it,” you ask?  Well, it is time for my first webinar with Ian Hood, Red Hat’s global chief architect for telco. What is so special about this? Well, by now we have collaborated on multiple blog posts in the telco sector including how various concepts like open source, cloud and blockchain can be applied to this fascinating industry. Psst! I will let you in on a little secret.  The way these posts have come about is through insightful discussions that Ian and I engage in and we author it live over a virtual meeting. I then take a shot at it to add a story line and Ian — my telco guru — keeps me honest. The upcoming webinar on Feb. 1 at 10 a.m. EST is going to be pretty much an insider’s look into one such discussion. You will hear first-hand how we go about having these discussions and the manner in which thoughts crystallize and take shape on a topic of choice. Question is: “Are you attending?”  Well, we certainly hope you are and you can even join in a Q&A that follows! So, let me ask the same question again — “What time is it?



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Tune In: What lessons can telcos learn from DevOps and IT?

For telcos, there’s always been demand for services that are highly available, reliable and easily managed. There’s also demand for services that meet or exceed performance expectations and are highly secure. But today’s market pressures of exponential data growth, stagnating revenues and high investments, as well as the requisite shift to 5G, have upped the ante. That’s why today’s carriers have to be more agile, flexible and competitive. In our upcoming webinar Feb. 1 at 10 a.m. EST, we’ll discuss these challenges and ways that telcos can apply DevOps to meet them head on.

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Containers can help energy, oil and gas companies accelerate adoption of cloud-based HPC.

More companies are adopting cloud-based high performance computing (HPC), especially in industries that require significant computational power. The energy, oil and gas markets are no exception. After all, they rely on advanced computer-aided engineering (CAE), advanced data analytics, seismic processing, and other data- and computationally-demanding applications. But implementing cloud-based HPC will require new approaches that deliver greater flexibility and ease deployments. One such solution? Containers.

oil pump

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Will you be the Red Hat Certified Professional of 2017?

As you gear up for Red Hat Summit this May, don’t forget to nominate yourself or a colleague for the Red Hat Certified Professional of the Year award, which honors the most outstanding use of Red Hat-certified skills. This marks the 11th year the award will be given, and we hope to see some of our vertical partners in the running!

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For Swisscom, an open source cloud means revenue, faster service delivery and innovation.

Swisscom, a leading telco and IT services provider in Switzerland, had a clear vision: simplify its internal IT infrastructure. So several years ago, the telco mapped a cloud strategy to consolidate IT functions onto one platform, then enlisted Red Hat to help it build a secure, flexible, and unified foundation using open source technology and open standards. The result? A cloud environment based on OpenStack that’s accelerating development and delivery of new services for customers, boosting revenue and advancing innovation.









The Säntis transmitter, operated by Swisscom.

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Wishing healthcare an innovative new year

As I gear up to deliver my first tech talk at the Illinois Technology Association on Jan. 25, I take a step back and relive my innovative experience delivering a similar session at the Gartner ITXPO Symposium last year. It is all about bringing the trifecta of business, technology and culture together to make Innovation real. Healthcare, for example, is a fascinating domain where there is always scope for innovation that can have a direct impact on our daily lives — whether it be from the perspective of the patient, the healthcare provider or the payer. Consider this paper-based device that can spin blood like a centrifuge — and thus called, lo and behold — Paperfuge! Or this app that took just a few minutes to diagnose the problem that took the doctors 16 years to find! Technology Innovation matters if and when it leads to business differentiation. Join me in wishing healthcare an innovative new year of 2017 — and if you happen to be in the area, I look forward to having an innovative discussion on this very topic at Tech Nexus on Wacker Drive in Chicago.


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Tune In: Top 10 new features of Red Hat OpenStack Platform 10

Red Hat OpenStack Platform 10 is now available, bringing telecommunications companies increased system-wide scalability and agility, along with enhanced network performance and platform security. In our January 18 webinar, Red Hat’s principal product manager, Rob Young, digs into 10 big changes designed to make your life easier.

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Red Hat open source solutions at the center of KazTransCom’s new cloud services in Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan is a big country. In fact, it is the world’s ninth largest, with more than 1 million square miles. It has a healthy economy, and its population is growing and becoming more educated and more tech-savvy. Internet users in the country have nearly doubled since 2010, and there’s a competitive telecom industry. It’s with this backdrop that KazTransCom, one of the largest telecommunications operators in Kazakhstan, went about modernizing its telco platform with open source solutions from Red Hat so it could offer new cloud services for business customers.









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17 predictions for the telco industry in 2017.

The new year has arrived. And in the telecommunications industry, we expect it to be busy. That’s a prediction we’re making that you can take to the bank. We won’t leave it at just that, though. We’re about to go on record with well over a dozen other telco predictions. We’re basing these on what’s been happening in 2016, what our customers have been talking about, and what other prognosticators have been saying. Of course, we present these to you with a caveat: these are predictions, and predictions are what Merriam-Webster defines as “what will happen or might happen in the future.” So with that, in 2017 we predict …


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