Digital transformation: On your mark, get set, go! says retail.

Industries around the world are approaching digital transformation—the impact of using digital technologies across the board—in different ways. Some industries tend to view this as a transformation of the customer experience while others are more about the transformation of the enabling technologies. However, the retail industry is rather unique in that it is poised for a transformation of sorts both from the business and the IT sides of the house, almost as if there is a race to get there first! Even though, digital transformation is a journey rather than a destination. These are the thoughts that are slowly beginning to take shape in my mind as I gear up to facilitate the Executive Exchange Thought leadership session on the Race to Retail Digital Transformation — Business or IT? as part of the CDM Media CIO Retail Summit in New York.

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Straight outta Red Hat Summit: 3 tips to transform health IT with open source

Open source is fueling innovation across all aspects of healthcare today. As we shift toward value-based care, healthcare organizations (HCOs) are finding innovative ways to leverage new and emerging technologies to employ DevOps principles, expedite time-to-market for new applications and transform high-performance computing in their research environments.

There was no better arena to showcase these medical advancements than Red Hat Summit. From start-ups to a Fortune 500 companies, hospital systems to government agencies, HCOs took center stage and shared the spotlight with Red Hat executives in a testament to how both open source and Red Hat are transforming health and patient care. Here are three tips for HCOs looking to jump start their digital transformation.

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The future of blockchain — leveraging the possibilities of Blockchain-as-a Service

In my last blog, we reiterated the definition of blockchain — “a distributed, decentralized transaction ledger saved by each node in the network, a peer-to-peer system with no central authority or database which manages the transaction flow” , and discussed the many ways that financial institutions can plan for and capitalize on blockchain, looking specifically at use cases in insurance, remittance, asset management, trade finance, and know your customer (KYC).

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Red Hat takes the stage at the OPNFV Summit in China.

In mid-June, we’ll be joining thousands in China for The Linux Foundation’s OPNFV Summit to talk all things Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), in particular to accelerate the evolution of open source NFV and an integrated, open reference platform built by industry leaders and innovators. We at Red Hat believe that using this open reference platform will accelerate the NFV evolution. We hope you can join us at the JW Marriott in Beijing, China June 12-15.

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