DevSecOps: Accelerating delivery of digital services in banking.

DevOps – the application development paradigm for continuous integration and delivery – has become a popular methodology for banks to accelerate delivery of applications in today’s fast-paced digital economy. Now, banks are setting their sights on DevSecOps, which aims to integrate and automate security into the entire testing, development, and delivery process.

The benefits of DevOps are fairly well understood. When development and operations teams produce iterative changes more frequently, it can reduce chances for software defects and service issues. This is important to all banking services, but even more so in digital banking services. Digital-first customers expect not only new and innovative services, but seamless, easy and reliable experiences, particularly when they do most of their banking on mobile devices.

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APIs are not enough – Open Banking is all about building an ecosystem

Open Banking – defined as a network of financial institutions’ systems that fosters secure data sharing through application programming interfaces (APIs) – is more than a regulatory must in many countries, but also holds a lot of promise for new opportunities. It’s expected to improve customer service by giving customers, be it individuals or businesses, more control so they can effectively manage their wealth. It’s also expected to open the door to new revenue streams for financial services organizations. But fulfilling Open Banking’s promises will take effort.

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Events Update: Where to find Red Hat’s financial services team this fall

If there’s one thing open source gets high marks for, it’s the incredibly strong foundation of communities (there are more than 90,000 community members across 183 countries working on OpenStack alone!). And in our opinion, there’s nothing better than stepping outside our offices and into the communities, be they OpenStack contributors, Red Hat partners, and our customers. This fall, we have plenty of opportunities to do just that, with a solid schedule of events all over the world.

We look forward to talking with you about open banking, digital engagement, transactional efficiency, and more. Keep reading for details on where you can find us, and we look forward to seeing you wherever our paths cross this fall.

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