Red Hat Forum in London, showcasing the role of Open Source in Financial Services

We recently hosted Red Hat Forum in London. At the event, discussions with financial services experts centered around the theme of modernizing for better business results.

Jon Hammant, DevOps practice lead for Accenture, showcased Accenture’s Extended Reality technology, giving attendees a look at new ways to generate profound personal insights for better engagement within organizations.

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Containers – and what’s the big deal for financial services…

By leveraging containers, financial services institutions (FSI) can create a flexible compute platform, spanning the hybrid cloud to offer easier application portability that supports rapid application development and are capable of delivering new business technology at the cadence demanded by today’s CEO. Delivering a platform that enables an idea in the morning to be delivered into production by the end of the day will be critical to remaining competitive in the face of stiff competition from new financial technology companies.

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