Code Healthy with OpenShift hackathon competition

Red Hat just rolled out our OpenShift Online (Next Generation) service — our container cloud offering. This cloud-based service is designed especially for developing Docker and Kubernetes-based container applications, and is a great tool for today’s booming healthcare technology industry.

To get you up-and-running, Red Hat is hosting Code Healthy with OpenShift, a global online hackathon to build health applications. To participate, use your free instance of OpenShift Online (Next Generation) to build, host and deploy an app that makes a healthy impact. Register online and submit your app by September 21st for a chance to win a piece of the $150,500 prize pot.

OpenShift Online (Next Generation) allows developers to build an app (traditional, stateful, cloud native, or micro services-based — using almost any language or framework), where you want to build it (your laptop, an OpenStack or VMware-virtualized datacenter, public clouds), and at the scale you choose (automatically managing and scaling with containers built on Kubernetes).

One of our favorite features of OpenShift Online (Next Generation) is Source-to-Image — which lets you deploy your applications as a Kubernetes orchestrated Docker container without having to touch a single Dockerfile. You get to focus on your code while the platform automatically builds, deploys, and orchestrates your containers.

As a part of this hackathon, you’ll get access to a private OpenShift Online (Next Generation) environment for hackathon participants only. Your private environment includes up to 4 GB of Ram and 10 GB of disk storage. You can get the full details and register at Submissions are due by September 21, 2016 at 5:00 p.m. ET. Good luck!

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