Enterprise SDN market is on track to hit $10 billion by 2019.

Software-defined networking (SDN) abstracts low-level network functions into a software application so network administrators can more easily manage dynamic networks. The SDN market is still early days, but a new report estimates that by 2019, enterprises will spend about $10 billion on the technology.

According to market research firm Technology Business Research Inc. (TBR), early adopters of SDN are still in the process of completing trials but are starting to shift to production SDN deployments. In this press release issued by the firm, TBR data center analyst Krista Macomber said, “SDN will become a substantial contributor to the overall network infrastructure market. Production deployments started within a number of large-scale enterprise environments, and will spread across the industry as standards bodies gain momentum and vendors expand solutions and use cases.” TBR just released a report on the market, Enterprise SDN Market Landscape.

TBR says SDN’s growth is benefitting from industry alliance initiatives like the Open Networking Foundation, a user-driven organization dedicated to the promotion and adoption of SDN through open standards development, as well as support from vendors of open-source technologies.

Red Hat believes SDN can provide enterprises with more flexible and automated data center infrastructures that are also easier to manage than proprietary systems. Red Hat is a platinum member of the OpenDaylight Project, an open source project designed to help accelerate the development of technology available to users and enable widespread adoption of SDN and create a solid foundation for network functions virtualization (NFV). We’ve partnered with Nuage Networks and Intel on SDN and have certified SDN products from a variety of our partners for use on our products like Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, including those from 6Wind, Avi Networks Big Switch Networks, and Midokura.

Here are some posts we’ve written in the past, on the Red Hat Vertical Industries Blog, that provide greater detail about our SDN initiatives:

Red Hat continues to evolve its SDN initiatives. For example, we just unveiled a new version of our Enterprise Linux distribution with a focus on improving network performance and boosting security. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2 represents a significant improvement in networking performance designed to provide users with the ability to double NFV and SDN performance in many deployments (read the full press release on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2. Meanwhile, tell us how your all are evolving your SDN initiatives. At what stage are you? Planning, testing, implementing? Let us know in the comments section below.

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