Four IT mandates for capturing opportunities amidst healthcare industry changes.

With extensive regulatory changes, changing business models to value-based care, unpredictable revenue and competitive challenges, the healthcare industry is undergoing an unprecedented level of mandatory transformation. To meet—or better yet, rise above—these challenges, healthcare organizations should assess their strategic goals and IT initiatives so they can capture new opportunities, innovate and increase their competitive position.

We recommend healthcare companies consider these three areas as they map this year’s strategic goals: patient outcomes and population health, doing more with less (without negatively impacting patient care), and the adoption of new business models (i.e., models that reward providers for improved patient outcomes).
Our new white paper on transforming healthcare with an open IT infrastructure discusses the importance of these three key areas and delves into how this translates into mandates for a healthcare company’s IT organization. It’s a handy list to help focus your 2016 IT planning:

Deploy applications that support new business models.

  • Deliver innovation without a significantly larger budget.
  • Provide more secure data sharing and collaboration to help improve patient outcomes.
  • Provide mobile, consumer-facing applications to support population health.

The paper examines IT infrastructure considerations that support these four mandates. For example, in order to quickly deploy applications, a company’s IT infrastructure should be flexible and scalable in order to support rolling out these new systems and changes quickly, while still providing the performance, reliability, and security features that’s needed in the  healthcare environment. Red Hat believes an open, secure, interoperable IT infrastructure can help IT stimulate innovation throughout the organization, while creating greater IT efficiency, stability, scalability, and security.

The white paper also provides a summary of implementation case studies from CIGNA, King’s College Hospital and Cerner for reference in planning your next IT move.

You can read the full white paper on our website. And let us know how you’re navigating the healthcare industry challenges in the comments section below.

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