Hi there, telco! What time is it?

“What time is it,” you ask?  Well, it is time for my first webinar with Ian Hood, Red Hat’s global chief architect for telco. What is so special about this? Well, by now we have collaborated on multiple blog posts in the telco sector including how various concepts like open source, cloud and blockchain can be applied to this fascinating industry. Psst! I will let you in on a little secret.  The way these posts have come about is through insightful discussions that Ian and I engage in and we author it live over a virtual meeting. I then take a shot at it to add a story line and Ian — my telco guru — keeps me honest. The upcoming webinar on Feb. 1 at 10 a.m. EST is going to be pretty much an insider’s look into one such discussion. You will hear first-hand how we go about having these discussions and the manner in which thoughts crystallize and take shape on a topic of choice. Question is: “Are you attending?”  Well, we certainly hope you are and you can even join in a Q&A that follows! So, let me ask the same question again — “What time is it?



“It is time for the business of telco to learn from IT,” says Ian. “Huh? What say you, Ian?”  I ask.  Hasn’t the assertion always been that IT initiatives must align with the business needs and corporate objectives? Business learning from IT almost seems like it is the other way around!

“That is exactly the point, Nadhan!” says Ian. The telco business is like no other as we rely on them to deliver all of our networking and communications services anywhere, anytime, and with guaranteed quality — known as a service level agreement (SLA). While information technology has gone ahead in leaps and bounds with some telcos embracing these emerging technologies to varied extents, the fundamental business of telco is still built around legacy operational tools and siloed architectures. While the distinct terms that define the quality of service may still be the same — like reliability, availability, monitoring, performance and security — they have evolved to mean something quite different in the new digital world. And to deliver on these consumer expectations, telcos must look out into other industries as well as within their enterprises while also taking some cues from their own IT and development teams.

So, I ask again for the third time. “What time is it?” Well, this time around, I would say that it is time for you collect your thoughts, mark your calendars and see if you could set aside an hour to hear what we have to share on this topic. Your attendance would be our privilege!

And, when would telcos get to that future state of rapidly provisioning configurable services when we want it and how we want it?  Well, if you ask me, I would simply say — it’s just a matter of time!

What say you?

Looking forward to brainstorming with Ian on your questions during this webinar on Feb. 1!

Hear you there!

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